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Yet these same nutritionists will advise their clients to count calories. From the outside, dieters appear to be either living out their childhood dreams of becoming accountants or following a plan so precise that a single extra slice of bread could throw the whole thing off.

A calorie is a unit of energy.

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Our bodies convert the chemical energy of food — mostly in the form of carbohydrates, protein, and fat — into thermal energy body heat and kinetic energy activity. Calorie counting represents an attempt to balance the chemical energy we ingest with the thermal and kinetic energy we expend.

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We know the caloric content of the basic macronutrients: 9 calories per gram of fat 7 calories per gram of alcohol 4 calories per gram of carbohydrates and protein 2 calories per gram of fiber The number of calories in any food can be measured with great accuracy by a bomb calorimeter 1. Unfortunately, these scientific instruments do not accurately model the workings of the digestive system, which breaks down foods using mechanical effort, acids, enzymes, and bacteria.

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Some of the calories in food are expended in the process of digestion. High-glycemic carbs require very little digestive effort. Protein and fiber are much more taxing, especially when consumed raw. Cooking and other methods of processing breaks down complex carbohydrates, softens the cell walls of plants, and denatures proteins.


Food-borne pathogens normally fought off by your immune system are instead killed in the heat of the cooking process. Cooking does much of the energy-intensive work of digestion before a piece of food even reaches your mouth.

As a result, we get more calories from cooked foods than raw foods.

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There is also substantial variation in what percentage of calories are fully digested and utilized by the body. Almonds nominally contain perte de poids cme 2021 per serving, but scientists found 41 of these calories in the urine and feces of the people who ate them.

Bits of undigested food like sesame seeds, peanuts, and corn can pass through us perfectly intact, taking their calories with them.

Weighing the Evidence for Calorie Counting

To relabel everything sold in the grocery store to account for cooking and digestion would require a massive scientific and political effort — not to mention digging through lots of excrement, literally and metaphorically. Packaged foods present us with even more accounting irregularities.

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This would not be a big deal if perte de poids cme 2021 errors in one food were offset by the next. One study on 24 popular snack products reported 4.

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Attempting to measure calories taken in is a mess, but calories out is no picnic either. A research study out of Stanford University tested the accuracy of seven popular wearable fitness trackers. When people see the calorie readouts on fitness equipment, they are typically shocked by how few calories were burned during their workout.

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This is called your basal metabolic rate BMR. It covers everything from building cells and tissues to breathing, pumping blood, and keeping the brain functioning.

However, body composition, ethnicity, internal temperature, and genetic factors can throw off this estimate. People on severely calorie-restricted diets typically lose less weight than expected.

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This is because when the body enters starvation mode, body temperature can drop by several degrees. In the Biosphere II experiment, eight people were sealed into a closed, artificial environment for two years 4. Starvation is not only unnecessary for weight loss, but it can throw off your calorie counting, too. Another problem with counting calories for weight loss is that the only calories that count are the ones you remember.

It would be unusual for someone to report a ribeye steak they never ate but very likely to forget a candy bar eaten in a hurry. Any nutrition research based on survey data is subject to these flaws. A paper by S. Stanley Young and Alan Karr compared the claims of 52 observational studies with the results of randomized control trials.

The observational studies failed to replicate a single claim.

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Once you have factored in all of these sources of error, it is clear calorie counting is not an effective method for promoting weight loss or improving overall health. If you are on a keto diet, tracking your carbohydrate intake is essential.

The Zone diet uses the block system, which makes perte de poids cme 2021 planning easier.

Some very analytical people who are not even diabetic are now wearing continuous glucose monitors to learn how specific foods and activities affect their blood sugar. On the activity side, counting every heartbeat and step you take is mostly just noise.

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Eating sugary junk food will spike your insulin and drive fat into storage. Low-intensity exercise is likely to make you hungry for even more carbs.

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Gary Taubes argues in Good Calories, Bad Calories that fat deposition is regulated by hormones, not excess calories. It is much better to focus on the quality of your calories. Eat high-quality foods and exercise with functional movements at high intensity. Additional Reading.