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Currently, after getting shot in a random shooting and recovering, Augustus lives with family and friends in Baton Rouge, Louisiana.

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Amateur career[ edit ] Burton took up boxing at the age of 17, he fought for two years as an amateur, ascending to the nationals. As the amateur contests were perceived by him as "boring," he began thinking about professional career.

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With 27 amateur fights under his belt he turned pro. Professional career[ edit ] Augustus began his boxing career under his birth name Emanuel Burton. However, inwhen his parents married, Burton adopted his father's last name of Augustus.

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He retained the nickname "YA", short for his middle name Ya'kov. Augustus's televised bouts garnered him a cult following, in part due to his unique 'Drunken Master' style flair in the ring, and his willingness to take on all comers, taking fights on short notice as a last minute replacement [1] even in opponents' hometowns.

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Augustus frequently clowned in the ring to frustrate his opponents, engaging in his trademark "string-puppet dance. Augustus achieved a measure of fame after his bout against Courtney Burton on July 6,which he lost by controversial close decision.

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The state of Michigan investigated the points verdict for Burton, but did not overturn the result. Augustus demanded a rematch, and got it, avenging his loss to Burton on September 1,when he stopped Burton in the eighth round on ESPN with the help of a left hook to the body.

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This was the opposite of result in their first fight, when Augustus was disallowed a knockdown from a left hook to the body after referee Dan Kelley incorrectly claimed the knockdown was a caused by an illegal low blow. The punch should have been permitted, because it actually landed on Burton's beltline, which is termed 'the border' in professional boxing refereeing. Augustus took the fight on perte de poids thibodaux 2 days' notice after Vilches' original opponent, Vince Phillips, pulled out due to injury.

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Vilches was at the time and was a ranked fighter. During the bout, Vilches wanted to keep Augustus at bay with a stiff jab.

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Augustus continued to pressure Vilches, and landed counter right hands over the top of Vilches' left jab. A cut opened up near the left eye of Vilches, which eventually resulted in an upset eighth round stoppage win for Augustus.

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The win vaulted Augustus to the number two worldwide ratings position in the International boxing Federation light welterweight division.

However, Augustus followed perte de poids avec blessure à la cheville four decision losses and one controversial draw to tough opponents, including Omar Gabriel Weis, over whom Vilches already held a victory. At least one of Augustus' losses was questionable.

Augustus was knocked down by a flurry of punches which occurred in the perte de poids thibodaux seconds of the bout, and did not get up in time. Augustus later admitted he gave up out of frustration near the end of the bout, stating, "I just felt out of order, out of place.

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