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Distillery Best of Mauritius 9 Mr. What about its vision and how does the latter contribute to sustainable economy? It is important to bear in mind that we are in the service industry and as such our dedicated team of professionals is called upon to demonstrate at all times high standard services and a human approach in all dealings.

Because of our origins and stakeholders, namely our valued customers, shareholders and employees, it is of utmost importance that the State Bank of Mauritius SBM co-finances to contribute to the promotion of a sustainable economy by facilitating access to banking services to Mauritians at large.

Because we firmly believe in the Mauritian society and in the development of all its stakeholders, we strive to stay in tune with their needs so as to help them reach their life objectives. SBM also acts as a facilitator by offering banking services to Mauritian entrepreneurs and companies who specialise in the local export market and in the offshore sector, among others.

This is a way to promote Mauritius. Moreover, events and circumstances minceur sanctuaire pte ltd shaped and influenced the role and responsibilities of the Bank. Our social responsibility towards the country is vital to us and we hope to see the emergence of a green economy.

What is distinctive to SBM? To be able to do so we have even made ourselves accessible to people living in rural zones that were not fully developed at the time.

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Along the years we have maintained close contact with our clients and thanks to their trust, we stand today among the best banking institutions of the island. Furthermore we have always paid a particular attention to Small and Medium Enterprises. In that context we have invested in modern technology to offer quality tailor-made services to our clients. We are the only local Group with operations in India and Madagascar. Constant innovation is essential to us.

For example, we are the first to have introduced e-commerce in Mauritius. The Bank has also a long history of good governance and risk management. InSBM was listed on the Stock Exchange and rapidly reached the second position in terms of market capitalisation.

Promoting education is one of the top priorities of your corporate social responsibility CSR. We believe that education is the cornerstone of development, both at individual and country levels.

Minceur : 20 recettes de petits gâteaux light pour le goûter

We thus view education as an essential element in breaking the vicious circle of poverty. Our focus is on providing tools and opportunities to vulnerable groups so that they can acquire the required skills to become economically independent through enhanced employability.

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The ultimate goal is to combat social ills and alleviate poverty. The SBM Scholarship Scheme has been set up for bright students who come from a modest family background. This scheme was launched in May and 57 scholarships were offered this year. Five students from Rodrigues Island were among those who have been granted scholarships to pursue tertiary studies.

Relativement jeune, la SBM est la deuxième grande banque de Maurice. Quelle est la vision de la banque et en quoi cette vision permet-elle de contribuer à une économie durable?

Nous souhaitons offrir des services financiers correspondant aux besoins de nos clients à travers une équipe de professionnels motivée. Nous leur proposons ainsi une vaste panoplie de produits et de services adaptés à leurs différents besoins. Donnez-nous quelques éléments qui rendent la SBM particulière. On a toujours été la banque de la nation mauricienne, celle qui est partie à la rencontre des gens dans des zones rurales qui étaient encore peu développées.

Nous sommes le seul Groupe local à avoir une présence en Inde et à Madagascar. Nous innovons continuellement et sommes la première banque à Maurice à avoir entre autres introduit une plateforme de commerce électronique. Nous avons été cotés en bourse en et avons rapidement atteint la deuxième position en termes de minceur sanctuaire pte ltd boursière.

How would you explain the reasons of the success of the group? I believe that we had the necessary vision to seize the right opportunities at the right time. HFL has also undergone regional minceur sanctuaire pte ltd as years went by. We have invested in Africa — namely Ivory Coast and Madagascar — while contracting partnerships with other groups.

In line with the new legislation regarding Corporate Social it has always been a model in terms of social responsibility, well-being of employees and preservation of the environment. Ce fut le point de départ des activités sucrières du groupe. Responsibility, the group had launched the Harel Frères Foundation in July What are your fields minceur sanctuaire pte ltd action? La diversification est sans nul doute un des facteurs majeurs de la pérennité du Groupe Harel Frères.

Le Groupe Harel Frères est aussi resté performant tout au long de ces années grâce à un personnel et des équipes qui bénéficient régulièrement de formations adaptées et au sein desquelles règne un réel attachement au Groupe. Dans le cadre de la nouvelle réglementation concernant la responsabilité sociale des entreprises, le groupe a lancé sa fondation en juillet However, for budgetary reasons, we have had to become more targeted in our approach.

Our choice of fields of activity is in line with our commitment to sustainable development. Unfortunately, development can put intense pressure on the natural environment. Each one of us has a duty to contribute to reducing this pressure.

You will most probably agree with me when I say that no minceur sanctuaire pte ltd for sustainable development can succeed unless it centres on Man. We alone hold the power to precipitate our fall or to halt it. We believe that by educating, guiding and working closely with young people, we can help in building a better society for future generations.

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Can you tell us more mamelons qui démangent perte de poids this vision? ENL was founded by my ancestors, who came to Mauritius during the French period.

Since then we have participated actively in the economic development of the country. From a sugar-based family business, the Group has rapidly expanded its activities in various business sectors, particularly commerce and manufacturing, tourism, finance and property development. We intend to build on this tradition, as well as on our core values, by continuing to participate significantly in the socio-economic growth of the country, working in close collaboration with our economic, social, political and civil partners.

We want to ensure that Mauritius remains a successful, cosmopolitan society, fully integrated with the rest of the world. What prompted this choice of fields? Our support and contribution to a more sustainable Minceur sanctuaire pte ltd is first of all a matter of mindset and business ethics. We do not measure our success as a business group solely by increases in profitability.

As Mauritians, one of our main concerns is to participate in making the country a better place to live for present and future generations. As such, we see growth as a long-term process and we are careful to weigh the impact our projects may have on the social and natural environment of the island before embarking on them. We favour the use of renewable resources in our property development projects and are also constantly involved in beautifying and enhancing our island, seeing to it that we give back to Nature much more than we ever take from Her.

And, last but not least, we want to encourage a fundamental change in Mauritian attitudes towards progress through various activities within minceur sanctuaire pte ltd CSR framework. Un tel positionnement suppose une vision dynamique et intégrée par tous. Notre choix, dans ce contexte, relève de notre engagement à promouvoir le développement durable. What is the vision of the organisation and what are its missions? Barclays strategy is to achieve good growth through time by diversifying its business base and increasing its presence in markets and minceur sanctuaire pte ltd that are growing rapidly.

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The strategy is based on the principles of earn, invest and grow. What are the values of Barclays?

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What are the others areas upon which you focus? Apart from Diabetes, we also focus on minceur sanctuaire pte ltd, empowerment of minceur sanctuaire pte ltd with disabilities and vulnerable persons, the environment and sports. Sports, especially football, has several benefits, mainly in improving health and as a means of preventing the youth to fall into social ills. These initiatives have directly benefited disadvantaged children, battered women, elderly people and impaired individuals.

Colleagues recently took the initiative to organise a national fundraising campaign, followed by a charity march for victims of Muscular Dystrophy — an incurable genetic disease. Quels sont les autres secteurs sur lesquels vous consacrez une attention particulière? Nous soutenons le ministère de la Santé et de qualité de la vie pour offrir des campagnes gratuites de dépistage de la maladie, qui cadre avec un concept étendu impliquant divers partenaires, dont la communauté civile locale.

Enpersonnes un dixième de la population mauricienne en ont ainsi bénéficié, soit cinq fois le nombre comparé à En sponsorisant la MFA à hauteur de Rs 1. Nos collègues, qui plus est, consacrent régulièrement de leur temps pour faire du volontariat à soutenir les causes qui leurs sont les plus importantes. Les enfants défavorisés, les femmes battues, les personnes âgées et les personnes à handicaps sont ceux ayant directement bénéficiés de ces initiatives. A travers cette initiative de portée nationale, plus de Rs 14 livres sterling ont minceur sanctuaire pte ltd récoltées, à laquelle la Barclays Bank PLC - Mauritius a rajouté un montant identique pour le porter à Rs 1.

How do you integrate your corporate activities with sustainable development? Our objective is to raise awareness among our employees as to the importance of working in a responsible way. Taking daily actions, that may seem insignificant, like saving and recycling paper, reducing the use of air conditioning and electricity can make the difference. In the same manner, we minceur sanctuaire pte ltd try to use eco-friendly products when renovating or conducting the maintenance of our offices.

One can say that your mission has been achieved since the group — one of the market leaders in the insurance sector — has been operating for years. How would you explain your success? The origin of Swan Group dates back to The Swan Group Foundation has been launched in July Our group firmly believes in fundamental values such as integrity, transparency and conducting business in a responsible way. Minceur sanctuaire pte ltd que le Groupe opère depuis ans, cette mission prend tout son sens.

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Parleznous de la recette de longévité du Groupe Swan. Depuis juilletle Groupe Swan a lancé sa fondation dans le cadre de la responsabilité sociale des entreprises. La Swan Group Foundation a été lancée afin que le Groupe puisse jouer un rôle accru et consolidé au niveau de sa responsabilité sociale en équilibrant ses impératifs économiques, sociaux et environnementaux tout en répondant aux attentes des actionnaires et intervenants.

Can you tell us more about it? This music shop will be situated in the Departure lounge. I believe it is a well deserved space for our local talents as well as for the promotion of the rich Mauritian culture. The opening is planned in December SSR International Airport will thus be the perfect showcase for our minceur sanctuaire pte ltd since tourists will have direct access to local products. Are there more developments coming and which niche markets will you be targeting?

Apart from the construction of this new terminal, we have indeed several projects that are actually ongoing.

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For example, the current perte de poids pb will be redone and consolidated for the landing of Aplanes.

At the same time, we will be maintaining the required conditions so as not to hinder our operations. We are also working on the construction of a taxiway that will operate in parallel to the existing runway. In case of a major problem it will serve as an emergency track. We will soon be coming with a cargo village project, which aims at integrating the Freeport concept.

Already a hectare piece of land has been identified. The agreement minceur sanctuaire pte ltd has been signed jointly by the Board of Investment BOI and AML should result in partnerships with both local and international operators. Important investments are to be expected if we want to develop airport freight and the Freeport sector. Tourist arrivals in Mauritius have declined as a result to the economic world crisis.

To what extent does this affect airport operations and can we still aim at reaching 2 million tourists? The current volume of passengers exceeds 2.

Owing to this economic crisis, a gap has been noted in the projections made so far. However, I am confident Mauritius will be welcoming 2 million tourists in years to come. This new terminal will be an minceur sanctuaire pte ltd marketing asset that will help in better selling our destination as a regional hub. Quels sont les autres aménagements que vous comptez apporter?

Il y en effet de nombreux autres projets qui sont en chantier parallèlement avec la construction de la nouvelle aérogare. Une superficie de 70 hectares a déjà été identifiée dans cet objectif. Le volume actuel des passagers excède les 2,3 millions avec plus deen transit arrivées et départs confondus.

Les attraits de notre nouveau terminal devraient donner des arguments marketing supplémentaires aux compagnies aériennes pour mieux vendre notre destination en tant que hub régional. Parlez-nous de cette boutique. Cet espace sera un promontoire bien mérité pour nos talents locaux, qui auront ainsi un espace dédié à la promotion de la richesse culturelle mauricienne. While investment opportunities abound on shore, Mauritius is also ideally positioned, both culturally and geographically, to benefit from opportunities emerging on the vast African continent.

Why Mauritius? Le centre financier international de Ashley graham young perte de poids offre par ailleurs de nombreuses possibilités de domiciliation pour des entités internationales investissant dans les économies émergentes à travers le monde.