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Senior Dogs That little puppy you loved so much is now a senior citizen and your favorite companion. Running in the park, playing fetch, even just walking to the mailbox can curb some of the infirmities that aging dogs experience.

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Stiff muscles and joints that creak with arthritis benefit from being used. The blood vessels and joint capsules supplying nutrients and lubrication to old bones will keep producing the chondrocyte cells and fatty acids needed as long as they are being worked. Aging dogs often need fewer calories than their younger counterparts.

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Particularly if your senior dog is overweight, reducing his caloric input at this time and helping him to lose a few pounds can make his life easier. Like humans, animals of normal weight place less pressure on their bones and joints, suffer less heart and kidney disease, and tend to lead longer lives.

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Most veterinarians recommend a diet obat pelangsing fatloss jimpness beauté in carbohydrates and fats, and higher in essential oils, anti-oxidants, and proteins for senior dogs. Prescribed veterinary dog foods frequently have added vitamin and minerals and less sodium and phosphorus to aid in kidney and cardiac health.

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Many older dogs suffer from chronic diseases, including kidney disease, cardiac problems, diabetes, and arthritis, that require constant medication and monitoring. Often, your veterinarian or veterinary technician can show you how to perform these procedures. Some veterinarians will not recommend inoculating older dogs on a regular basis because of potential vaccine reactions.

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If your senior dog is scheduled for any surgeries, allow your vet to run a full blood and electrolyte screening, urine test, and electrocardiograph. These tests point up any potential problems that may occur while your dog is under anesthesia or after he wakes up.

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Your older dog may find it hard to get up and down stairs, or may have difficulty rising from his floor or bed. You can place a long towel around his middle and under his hips to help lift him obat pelangsing fatloss jimpness beauté or purchase a lifting harness online or from your vet.

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If he becomes incontinent, doggy diapers can sometimes help, but incontinence is often a sign of canine senility. At some point, if your old friend becomes too sick or feeble to live a productive life, you will need to confront the option of euthanasia.

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