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Phil grows close to Sharon, who turns to him for comfort during Grant's violent outbursts. Sharon and Phil have sex but she stays with Grant, who is unaware of their betrayal. In his absence, Phil and Sharon continue their affair but when Grant is released, Sharon reconciles with him, leaving Phil heartbroken. Nadia seduces and sleeps with a drunken Phil. He regrets it, denying it to Kathy so Grant threatens to kill her to make her leave but Phil later bribes her into agreeing to a divorce.

Intent on winning him back, Sharon kisses Phil Avis sur la perte de poids v3 he ends things there. During Phil and Kathy's engagement party, Grant listens to a cassette of Sharon admitting to the affair and plays it at the party.

Phil Mitchell

Kathy is incensed, and Grant beats Phil so badly that he has to go to hospital, due to a blood clot in his brain. He pressures Phil into blaming Sharon for their affair and Grant forces her to leave Walford. Phil and Grant make peace but things between them are not the same. Kathy and Phil eventually sort out their differences, up to the point where they get married and Kathy later gives birth to their son — Ben Matthew Silver. As time goes on, however, Phil becomes depressed and turns to alcohol — which causes him to develop an addiction.

This makes him bitter and neglectful towards Kathy and Ben, so Kathy takes Ben and moves out. Realizing what he has lost, Phil gives up alcohol and attends Alcoholics Anonymous. This progressively helps Phil, up to the point where it manages to reveal the basis of his problem — the physical abuse he received from his father Eric when he was ian eastenders perte de poids boy, and his fear that he may abuse Ben.

He and Kathy reconcile when he attends counselling, until he begins an affair with fellow alcoholic Lorna Cartwright Janet Dibley — who starts stalking him.

With his marriage in jeopardy, Phil takes Kathy to Paris and admits his affair with Lorna so Kathy throws her wedding ring into the river. This prompts her to leave Walford for South Africaletting it be known that an offer of reconciliation from Phil would make her reconsider.

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Phil is undecided until Lorna stops him going after Kathy by locking herself in his bathroom and attempts suicide. He later toff perte de poids dans je suis une célébrité Kathy to the airport but is stopped by Kathy's son, Ian Beale Adam Woodyattwho persuades him that Kathy and Ben are better off without him.

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Phil agonies over the loss of his son. Before Kathy returns to South Africa, she asks Phil to go with her but he declines as Grant has planned an armed robbery and Phil refuses to let him do the job alone. Infuriated by Phil's loyalty to Grant, Kathy reveals their recent tryst, leading to Phil confronting Grant and Grant's confession that he slept with Kathy as revenge for Phil's affair with Sharon.

While trying to escape, Phil pulls out a gun and shoots at the dashboard, causing Grant to crash into the River Thames. Phil is rescued, but Grant isn't found and is presumed dead.

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However, it is soon revealed that Grant is alive and ian eastenders perte de poids escapes to Brazil [3] — though not before sending Phil and their mother Peggy Barbara Windsor the deeds for his half of The Queen Vic. By then, Phil and Dan have become best-friends; with Phil being the only person to defend Dan after the latter is revealed to have cheated on his girlfriend Carol Jackson Lindsey Coulson by having an affair with her daughter Bianca Patsy Palmerthe wife of Frank's son Ricky Sid Owen — whom Phil has frequently clashed with overtime.

See also: Who Shot Phil? Phil and Dan's friendship soon ends after Dan tells the police about a motor scam Phil was involved in and Phil cons Dan into signing the pub over to Peggy. This makes ian eastenders perte de poids dependent on him so he moves on to her best friend, Mel Healy Tamzin Outhwaite. Lisa is paranoid that Phil is having an affair and accuses Mel of being his other woman, which she is not, at that point.

However, Mel is upset by Lisa's accusation and Phil comforts her, leading to a one-night stand.

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Mel, however, realizes it was a mistake and reconciles with Steve Owen Martin Kempmaking Phil jealous. Lisa decides that a baby will improve their relationship so stops taking contraceptive pills but Phil wants Lisa to leave him, not get pregnant, so he admits to Lisa that he and Mel slept together.

Lisa leaves, keeping quiet about her pregnancy, so when Mark Fowler Todd Carty suggests they tell people that the baby is his, Lisa agrees. Phil now has many enemies: Lisa; Steve, who also knows about Mel and Phil's one night stand; Ian, who Phil bullies mercilessly; Mark, who wants to avenge Lisa; and Dan. On Steve and Mel's wedding night, Phil is shot and collapses in a pool of blood. Realizing he drove her to it, Phil gradually forgives Lisa and instead decides to frame Dan upon learning that he has been extorting money from his godson Jamie Jack Ryder — whom Phil had took under his wing to spare him from being further abused by his legal guardian and uncle, Billy Perry Fenwick.

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His plan come to fruition when Phil contacts Dan's former crime boss, Ritchie Stringer Gareth Huntand together to pair conspire to incriminate Dan for the shooting; with Ritchie giving Dan the same gun that Lisa used to shoot Phil. Unaware that he is being set up, Dan holds Phil at gunpoint — demanding money until he is arrested for attempted murder. Dan later seeks revenge on Phil and Steve.

He momentarily subdues Dan and prepares to shoot him, but Mel — after learning how Phil and Steve framed Dan for the shooting — helps Dan ian eastenders perte de poids turning off the lights to distract Phil, which allows Dan to overpower him. Dan then escapes with the money, while Phil recovers and returns to the square upon helping Steve rescue Mel.

Phil soon wants children with Sharon, but she reveals to being infertile due to a botched abortion; Sharon later admits that the baby she aborted six years earlier was that of Grant.

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This soon puts a strain on their shaper mince complet du corps and by Christmas they have separated, resulting in Sharon returning to the United States. Before Sharon leaves, she tells Phil that he is the father of Lisa's daughter Louise Rachel Cox — not Mark, as she had earlier claimed.

Phil confronts Lisa, demanding contact. She agrees but changes her mind and telephones Steve, asking him to return Louise. He refuses to, so Phil attempts to get Louise back, resulting in a car chase that ends when Steve crashes his car into a wall. Phil rescues Louise but the car explodes before he can help Steve, who dies in ian eastenders perte de poids inferno.

Phil demands that Lisa change Louise's name to Mitchell legally and organises a christening. Lisa agrees until some of Phil's relatives, assuming she is the nanny, start talking about how unstable Louise's mother is. Furious at this, she and Louise flee to Portugal — with Jamie reluctantly assisting her after growing uncomfortable with Phil's violent tendencies.

However, Phil soon takes his frustrations out of Jamie until the latter dies after being struck by a car — leaving Phil devastated. After Jamie's funeral, Phil goes to Portugal and returns a month later with Louise. This causes some of Phil's neighbors to suspect that he has murdered Lisa.

After Phil confesses that he manipulated Lisa to give him Louise and paid her to leave the square for good, Kate reveals her true identity. In response, Phil ends his romance with Kate and threatens to kill her — even when she admits to loving him with the promise of quitting her job.

He soon begins to visit Dalton on several occasions, most notably when Phil finds out that Dalton discovers Kate's identity. When Dalton plans to have her killed, sending his bouncer George Peters Andy Beckwith to rape and murder Kate in her house, Phil comes to Kate's rescue by knocking out Peters just as he attacks Kate.

Though she insists on getting the police involved, Kate allows Phil to deal with Dalton ian eastenders perte de poids his own. Dalton relents on sparing Kate, but tells Phil that he now owes him a favor.

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Later on, Phil learns that Dennis has previously been involved in Dalton's criminal organization — The Firm. This is further notified when Dalton summons Phil to carry out his favour with a task: killing Dennis.

At first, Phil complies and goes to confront Dennis at Sharon's nightclub, "Angie's Den", where he holds him at gunpoint.

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Phil prepares to kill Dennis, but changes his mind when Dennis offers to kill Dalton himself — so that they can both be free of him; Phil reluctantly gives Dennis the gun to go after Dalton, and is later surprised ian eastenders perte de poids learn that Dennis actually killed Dalton as he promised. Following Dalton's death, his representative Andy Hunter Michael Higgs confronts Phil over the circumstances of his and Dennis' alleged involvement; Phil denies involvement and Andy pardons him when he refuses to implicate Dennis for Dalton's murder.

Soon afterwards, Phil rebuilds his relationship with Kate and the two get married. However, on their wedding day, Phil is unhappy when Lisa reappears — demanding access to Louise.

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When Phil refuses to do so, Lisa plans to shoot him again until she backs down.