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Trained by hall of fame trainer Emanuel Stewardhis early career was notable for a propensity for quick victories by knockout: only two of his first perte de poids wausau wi fights went beyond the third round, although he lost both of those on the scorecard in 6 rounds against Dennis Milton, 8 against Ralph Ward, in successive fights. However, these proved only a momentary check on his career, as he captured the vacant WBO middleweight title by knocking out John Mugabi in one round inand the WBC middleweight title by knocking out Julian Jackson in five rounds in Mayafter McClellan had survived some brutally hard punches from Jackson in the second and third rounds.

McClellan defended the WBC title three times, all first round stoppages, including a rematch with Jackson.

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In the fall ofMcClellan separated from his long-term trainer Emanuel Steward. The fight was watched by an estimated 17 million people on television and 10, paying spectators.

Referee Alfred Azaro was also roundly criticized for his officiating mistakes, which included impeding the challenger's progress when McClellan was trying to finish off Benn in round 1.

McClellan was noticeably blinking repeatedly early in round ten, during which, after receiving a single hard blow from Benn who seemed to throw his shoulder into McClellan's eye, he voluntarily went down, taking a knee again. After the fight was over, McClellan immediately stood up and perte de poids wausau wi to his corner under his own power.

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He then sat down on the canvas and leaned against the ring apron, but while being attended to by ring physicians he slumped onto his back and lost consciousness. McClellan was subsequently hauteur vs perte de poids to a stretcher and rushed to the hospital.

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Aftermath[ edit ] McClellan had emergency surgery to remove a blood clot from his brain. He spent eleven days in a coma and was found to have suffered extensive brain damage. He lost his eyesight, the ability to walk unassisted, and was reported as being 80 percent deaf.

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Sports Illustrated ran an article about the fight and its outcome one week after the fight. McClellan's family flew to London to be by his side, and he was later flown back to his home country.

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He has recently recovered some ability to walk with the assistance of a cane, but he has not recovered his eyesight. In addition to being blind, his short-term memory was also profoundly affected.

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His three sisters, particularly Lisa McClellan, are responsible for his care. In a documentary broadcast by ITV which originally screened the fight live in the UKLisa stated that Gerald is in fact not deaf, but that he has trouble with comprehension when spoken to.

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Tarick Salmacia Kronk Gym fighter, claimed later in an interview that he had sparred with McClellan over a year before the Benn fight, and that after McClellan was hit by a jab thrown by Salmaci, McClellan started to blink hard and the session had to be stopped. McClellan initially claimed that he was thumbed, but later admitted to Salmaci in the locker room that he was in fact seriously hurt. Salmaci said that he found it strange that a fighter with McClellan's chin wearing headgear was being hurt by a jab, and that when he noticed McClellan blinking during the Benn fight in the same way, Salmaci was immediately aware that McClellan was in serious trouble.

He trained in Taekwondo when he was young.

Also notable in hindsight was McClellan complaining of getting regular headaches after his first fight with Julian Jackson in May In the fight, McClellan's chin resisted Jackson's formidable punching power before McClellan won the fight in Round 5, but Jackson's punches may have done some damage to McClellan's brain, such as concussions, that weren't noticed at the time.

McClellan now uses a colostomy bag, and incurs colostomy supply expenses of about dollars a month.